WGS Will Enhance Your AA Degree and Career

Benefits to taking Women’s & Gender Studies courses include the opportunity to:

  • Examine knowledge, issues, and values from behind the lens of women’s and men’s multi-cultural, gender-based experiences
  • Learn to express with authority and conviction a range of views about sexism and women’s rights as well as contemporary men’s challenges with their traditional sex role
  • Explore connections between academic inquiry and the “real” lives of women and men
  • Gain skills in preparation for careers in education, health, law, medicine, criminal justice and international relations, building an expertise in gender relations
  • Develop critical thinking, writing and discussion skills
  • Enjoy a sense of community with others who share an interest in gender as a life-shaping force and in Women’s & Gender Studies scholarship

What can a graduate in Women’s & Gender Studies offer future employers? As the Hunter College description asserts:

A Women’s/Gender Studies major will enhance your degree by demonstrating to employers that you are conversant with some of the most pressing issues facing the workplace today, such as gender equity and sexual harassment. Majoring in Women’s /Gender Studies is useful, directly and indirectly, in all fields involving an analysis of society and social interaction. Women’s and Gender Studies graduates may seek employment in any field, including such areas as health care, counseling, advertising, market research, publishing, teaching, public service, advocacy, or administrative work. The major is an appropriate preparation for professional schools and for postgraduate work in Women’s and Gender Studies or in one of the many disciplines from which the major draws its curriculum.

And the Queens College website confirms: A degree in Women’s/Gender Studies is excellent preparation for graduate work in professional fields such as Law, Social Work, and Journalism, or in academic fields like History, Sociology, or English.
And as York College maintains: Women’s and Gender Studies adds fuller dimension to intellectual inquiry in virtually all liberal arts disciplines.

For more information, contact: Dr. Jerilyn Fisher, English Department, B533

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