What is Women’s & Gender Studies?


About Women’s and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies classes expose students to the importance of gender in society. From a multitude of perspectives, students examine gender and sexuality as they intersect with other social identity categories, such as race, class, physical ability, and religion; they learn to question conventional assumptions about sexual identity, and the “nature” of women and men; they discover women’s hidden histories and the people throughout history who have supported equal rights. Connecting personal experiences with academic study about gender, race, class, religion, and sexuality empowers our students to participate as civic activists promoting social and gender justice.

At Hostos Community College, Women’s & Gender Studies classes address the national and global challenges faced by people who identify as non-binary or gender fluid or as women or men.  In WGS courses, students examine the pervasive role that gender plays in intellectual arenas and in our everyday lives. We offer a challenging and exciting interdisciplinary program of study that exposes and questions what is considered “normative” femininity and masculinity and the traditional, binary assumptions about gender. We learn how these constructs intersect with race, sexuality, class and other social categories.

In whatever class you enroll, you’ll find yourself in the company of teachers and learners who encourage and validate critical thinking, open dialogue, diverse perspectives, activism, and the relevance of theory to life experience.

The WGS program and its faculty not only provide a variety of stimulating and immensely useful classes, but also academic enrichment through year-round cultural events: the Fall Film Festival (“Breaking Boundaries/Crossing Borders”) and each March, a fabulous line-up of Women’s History Month activities that educate as they entertain.

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