Instructions to access your File Manager:

  1. Login using your Hostos credentials (the same username and password you use to check your Hostos email)
  2. If for some reason this login does not work, go to the Hostos Social Network page, and login there.  After loggin in, come back to this page (its URL is https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/webdesign)
  3. Once logged in, you can access the File Manager in two different ways:
    1. Click on “My File Manager” in the right sidebar menu link under “Control Panel”
    2. Click on “Go to Dashboard” or “Blog Admin” in the right sidebar menus to go to the tools area where your File Manager is located. Once in the Dashboard, click on the link “My File Manager” (left side menu) to access the tool.

Log in with your credentials

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