For Professors

This page is designed to provide faculty with a basic introduction to WAC principles and assist professors interested in implementing WAC pedagogy in their classrooms.  Click here for information on Reading Across the Curriculum.

Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum

Responding to Student Writing

Helpful articles on strategies for responding effectively to student writing


Discussion of the benefits of marking papers less.

Responding to Student Writing
Tips on ways to mark papers.

Responding to student writing worksheet
This worksheet is designed to be done after reading the previous two articles.

Effective Commenting
Some general principles for giving effective feedback on student writing.

Grading Writing
Worksheet on scoring writing in WI courses.

Two Examples of Responding to Student Writing
Demonstration of different ways of commenting on student writing.

Tips for Designing Effective Assignments

Designing Effective Assignments
Some general principles for teaching academic writing in the discipline.

Scaffolding Assignments
A chart that breaks down the process of writing a research paper, with suggestions for scaffolding each step.

Scaffolding Worksheet
A worksheet designed to help faculty break down the steps of their assignments, and determine where scaffolded steps are needed.

8-Week Research Paper Program
A scaffolded, 8-Week research paper program that is adaptable to any course or discipline.

Avoiding Plagiarism
A series of podcasts and activities on avoiding plagiarism and using MLA citation.

Discussing Plagiarism
Three plans for teaching college students to use sources and avoid plagiarism in their writing.

Categories for Sources
From essential to functional categories for sources.

Teaching Reading and Writing Workshop Materials

Helpful Links on Using Writing

Sample Peer Review Handout
Example of a handout for a directed peer review.

Writing Assignments for Large Classes
How to realistically incorporate writing into large classes.

Collaborative Writing
Some strategies for making collaborative writing assignments successful.

Reading Prompts
Primers to generate writing in response to reading assignments.

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