Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (WAC/RAC) is a pedagogical movement that began in the 1970s. Generally, WAC/RAC programs share the philosophy that writing and reading instruction should happen across the academic community and throughout a student’s undergraduate education.

The Hostos Community College WAC/RAC program encourages writing in students of all levels, including those students enrolled in ESL or developmental writing. At Hostos, this is predominantly through Writing Intensive (WI) Courses, in which writing plays an integral part in the course curriculum.

This website is designed to be a resource for professors, students, and others who may be curious about the benefits of WAC pedagogy, or want to know more about Writing Intensive courses here at Hostos. Visit the For Faculty page for information regarding Writing Intensive course requirements and tips on designing writing assignments. The For Students page offers details on what is expected of students in a Writing Intensive course, as well as citation guides and suggestions for improving writing.

For information about what the WAC Program has been doing lately as well as the services that we and our WAC Fellows provide, look at our newsletter!

Check out our WAC Reader.


For more information about WAC at Hostos Community College, please contact either Linda Hirsch (lhirsch@hostos.cuny.edu) or Sean Gerrity (sgerrity@hostos.cuny.edu), or send us a message using the form below.


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