SL at Hostos

This website is for educators thinking about the best ways to engage students in service learning opportunities.  Our page headings are defined below.

SL at Hostos links to:

  • How SL and civic engagement (CE) are defined by the Committee
  • Statement of Purpose about SL in student learning
  • Connection of SL/CE with General Education and CUNY Pathways competencies
  • Steering Committee information

Designate A Course links to:

  • Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures for desginating a SL course
  • Current Courses that offer SL components
  • Courses undergoing SL transformations

The Reports from the Field page houses:

  • Video showing authentic student responses to engaging in sl projects
  • Authentic responses from faculty regarding the teaching experience

News and Press page will show:

  • SL committee updates
  • Annual or periodic reports released by the committee
  • Hostos CC or other press releases highlighting sl experiences of faculty and staff

The Resources page will share:

  • Course Materials: Sample contracts and waivers
  • Teaching Samples and Ideas: Assignments, teaching materials and resources
  • Training and Professional Development: Training videos, on-campus event proceedings, and recorded responses from sl faculty and students
  • Additional Resources: Links to sl ideas found outside of Hostos



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