How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions

1.1.  Find and open the session where you wish to manage the captions in the Panopto Editor.

1.2.  Select Captions from the left side of the editor, and then click the Import captions drop-down (See Figure 1).

CaptionsFigure 1

1.3. If no captions currently exist for this session, import the machine-generated captions by clicking Import automatic captions (Fig. 2).

Import Automatic CaptionsFigure 2

1.4.  This is what the drop-down will look like if captions do exist for the session (Fig. 3).

Import CaptionsFigure 3

2. If you don’t see “Import automatic captions” Option (Admin)

2.1.  The “Import automatic captions” option is available when a session has been processed for machine-generated captions. Sessions recorded after 12/17/2016 will be automatically processed for machine-generated captions.

2.2. If the session was recorded before that date, please contact support to have the ASR captions generated for the session.

3. Editing the Captions

3.1.  If your captions do exist and have been processed successfully, you will then be able to edit each individual caption by clicking the three dots next to the caption and choosing Edit (Fig. 4).

Edit CaptionsFigure 4

3.2.  You can completely delete the caption by clicking the trash can icon.

Note: At any time while making these edits, you can press Shift+Space to play/pause the session playback, while editing captions.

4. Publish your changes

4.1.  Once you’ve imported/edited your captions, commit the changes by pressing the Apply button on the top right of the Editor (Fig. 5).

Apply CaptionsFigure 5

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