Do I have to schedule recordings?

No, Panopto allows you to record where, when, and how you’d like to capture content.

The hardware in my smart classroom does not work.

Contact ACC in C-513 or call at x6523

Where is the microphone and camera in my class?

While the placement of microphones and cameras vary from classroom to classroom they are generally placed in easy to locate areas.

I watched/listened to my recordings and there is no video/sound. What do I do?

If using your own device check to make sure your camera and microphones have the necessary software installed.

If using a Hostos Smartroom, please email EdTech@hostos.cuny.edu to report the problem. Please include your name, date, and the Smart Room number of the recording when it occurred.

Although we’re unable to “recover” video/audio on previously recorded classes, we’ll do our best to fix the problem for future classes.

How can I tell if the Panopto Lecture Capture camera and microphone are working?

The Panopto Lecture Capture Recorder has indicators to represent that the audio is being captured.

Working Panopto Recorder

Working Panopto Recorder

Working: Video will be displayed in the window, and audio levels will display levels that change as the audio is captured.
Non-Working Panopto Recorder

Non-Working Panopto Recorder

Not Working: If you don’t see any video or audio levels in your Panopto Recorder, check your control panel (Windows) or settings (Mac) to check and make sure the devices are installed.

If you are using a Smart Classroom and do not see video and/or audio levels, contact C-513 at x6523

Can I add additional cameras?

Yes, Panopto allows up to five separate inputs to the recorder. However it’s important to know which device is the primary capture as it will be the default when someone watches that recording.

Panopto says I can’t record to my class folder, what should I do?

You may have to uninstall, and re-install the Panopto Recorder software. If that doesn’t work, contact the EdTech office at x7915.

Can my lecture be edited?

Yes, once you have created a Panopto Recording you can edit it in a variety of ways. Check the Resources page under editing for PDF’s on how to edit Panopto Recordings.

How long does it for my Capture to become available?

Depending on the length of the recording and internet speed Panopto usually takes approximately however long the recording is to process For example a 20 min video will take approximately 20 min to process.

Can I preview the lecture and control when it is available to my students?

Yes, you can control privacy settings for folders and individual videos.

How long will the lecture stay online?

Currently, Hostos has a 1 year contract with Panopto. However you can download recordings to any personal computer to archive content.

What if I made a mistake in my lecture?

Panopto editing tools allow you to cut portions of a lecture easily. (See Resources page)

What resolution should my laptop be set to?

We recommend 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz (XGA). The maximum resolution supported in most rooms is 1280 x 1024. Higher resolutions may not be supported and will result in a blue screen in the recording.

How can I add a link in Blackboard for my Panopto Capture recordings?

Panopto is best used in Blackboard using the Panopto Tool. This means that all recording in a Blackboard course will be accessible within the Blackboard space by only the students enrolled in that course. While you can change sharing settings to add a link to videos elsewhere. There is no need to add and additional link in Blackboard once the tool is enabled.

Will student questions be audible?

Yes, to a certain degree. The microphone is sensitive and should be able to pick up students who sit close to the podium. The further away though, the softer the volume will be.

What student privacy considerations are there with lecture capture?

It depends on the situation. The same privacy considerations that would apply in a brick and mortar classroom, particularly to student work, apply to a lecture capture broadcast. Panopto is primarily intended to extend accessibility of the lecture experience to students who have registered for a specific course, for a specific period of time (e.g., semester). If Panopto is used to disseminate student presentations, small group discussions, or seminar classes beyond a defined course, faculty members will be responsible for obtaining student consent prior to distribution.
Click Here to Download Hostos Video Release.

Faculty members are not required to obtain student consent when broadcasting their own image and content; when no student participation is recorded; or when incidental student participation is recorded and the broadcast is directed to a defined course.

What type of computer do I need – can I use a Tablet PC?

You may use any type of laptop PC or Macintosh with a standard VGA connector (the same you use to connect to the projection system in the room)

You can also use the Panopto App (iOS Android) to record video and audio directly using your mobile or tablet device.

How do I use the Mobile App?

You must download the Panopto App (iOS Android) it will ask you for the site you wish to use. The site is hostos.hosted.panopto.com you must use your Blackboard Login and Password to access course folders and recordings.

What if I use videos or other rich media in my lecture?

Videos, including those from websites and DVDs, shown on your screen can be recorded if you are using the screen capture feature.

Can I play/use copyrighted material?

It is recommended that you first attempt to gain permission from the copyright holder before using copyrighted materials in your class. However, please refer to the Library for a more concise description on the use of copyrighted material.

How will I view my lectures?

Once you’ve set up a course folder (See How To Page), you can view any videos you record to that folder in Blackboard.

Will screen capture also capture AirServer (Apple AirPlay feature) content?

Yes, Mirror Desktop on recording computer and use the reflector feature.

What are the advantages to making my recordings publicly available?

The advantages to making it public is that you gain exposure for you, your college, and Hostos by allowing anyone to see and download your lectures for that class. Colleges like MIT have a substantial collection of online lectures made available to the public and sharing gives our faculty the same opportunity. As always, it’s an option that you can elect not to use.

This sounds great! When is Panopto available?

Panopto will be available for all Faculty starting the Fall 2015 Semester for 1 Academic Year. However the more faculty who use it, the more likely-hood for renewal.

I am not Smart Room certified, how do I use a room with a camera and microphone?

The great thing about Panopto is you can use it anywhere from most devices. However, if you’d like to sign up for Smart Room Certification you can do so at https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/edtech/for-faculty/workshops/

Who do I contact if I have more questions about Panopto Lecture Capture?

For any other questions contact us at EdTech@hostos.cuny.edu or Call us at x7915.

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