Panopto Lecture Capture and Blackboard

The Panopto Building Block allows us to add powerful media tools to Blackboard, combining the best features of video sharing, webcam recording, screen recording, and more all within the Blackboard Learn environment. Creating and sharing multimedia learning content is easier than ever using this intuitive tool.

What do I use it for?
The Blackboard interface for Panopto should be used for your original video content created for use in a Blackboard course. That original content could be videos recorded on your, computer, smartphone, webcam, or other video devices. Other original content could be lecture captures or videos created in other programs that you have saved to your computer in the past. There are also several tools built into Panopto that will allow you to create lecture captures and webcam recordings right within Blackboard.

What isn’t Panopto for?
Uploaded media should be your own, original instructional content. It is NOT for other people’s copyrighted works. Additionally, if you already have content in place on other sharing sites (such as YouTube or Vimeo) that you’ve embedded in courses you may want to leave it where it is if it’s already functioning correctly. Please contact if you have questions or want to discuss what content should be relocated.

Benefits for Students

  • It is ideal for Online-Learning students, part-time students, and international students – students who cannot be physically present in a teaching classroom at a given time. By providing the flexibility to watch the recorded lecture from any location, whenever they like, students have much more control over their learning.
  • All students with access to recorded lectures will be able to revisit or catch up on lectures and to navigate easily to search for the content they need. This is particularly useful when they have to miss a session due to illness, timetable clashes, and during intense revision periods. Being able to access recorded lectures seamlessly via their preferred device makes it particularly convenient.
  • Viewing recorded material provides more opportunities for interaction during class time. Since students can preview course material or information-based tutorials in their own time, topics are discussed during contact time by means of debates, interaction and more in-depth exploration of themes and better quality debates.

Benefits for Faculty

  • Being able to capture lectures
  • Streaming of live events in real-time
  • Students can view anytime and can pause, search, add notes, take quizzes
  • Can create course material from anywhere
  • Capture screen, audio, video, and supplement recordings with PowerPoint Slides
  • The machine created captioning available
  • Students can create recordings for multimedia assignments individually or in teams
  • Build a comprehensive video library – on-demand searchable recordings

Newly Released Features

Interactive Quizzing – The Panopto quiz maker is a tool that enables instructors to easily create tests and embed them directly within their videos. To learn more click here.

Flexible Captioning – Panopto’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for any recording and correct the machine-generated captions in the video editor. To learn more click here.

Best Practice Video Samples

Below you will find “Best Practices” videos on using Panopto:

Prof. Vyacheslav Dushenkov
Prof. Eugena Griffin
Prof. Linda Ridley
Prof. Marcella Mandracchia
Prof. Amy Ramson

10 Tips for using Panopto at Hostos Community College

    1. Get Smart Room certified! The Smarboard certification course is online in Blackboard, please click on the link for directions to enroll and take the course
    2. Experiment!  You won’t break anything by playing with the tools – webcam recording, screen recording, and uploading local content.  Try it out!
    3. Create!  Try creating instructional content for your courses.  You can make webcam recordings for announcements and discussion boards, you can create quick lecture captures to illustrate a point or help explain course materials.
    4. Share!  If you’ve created something that could work for other courses, you can easily copy it to other course folders!
    5. Use accurate titles, descriptions, and tags – this helps you find your own media and will help students be able to find your content.
    6. All content you create will always be in your course folder, and available to you in only that course – however you can easily share and/or copy that content with other courses.
    7. If you’re not using content anymore (or you were just testing/experimenting) delete it from your course folder.
    8. Students can use these tools as well – you can give access to create and upload content, students can submit video presentations, screencasts, video discussions, graded media assignments, and more.
    9. Check out the video tutorials in the How To section for an in-depth look at the many features of Panopto Lecture Capture tools in Blackboard and these PDF guides:
    10. Still have questions?  Contact for further assistance

Important Downloads

Panopto Recorder Download Windows

Panopto Recorder Download Mac

You will need this software in order to record lecture capture sessions.

Silverlight Download, Mac Win
You will and your students will need this in order to view captured sessions.

Did you know that Office of  Educational Technology can help you come up with a plan to use Panopto for your class?
The Office of Educational Technology can help you develop a plan to use Panopto to leverage content that you want to deliver to your students. Contact the Office of Educational Technology at, or (718) 319-7915.


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