Asynchronous/HybridOnline Student Readiness Course

This statistics page displays a chart showing the number of asynchronous/hybrid courses offered each semester as well as a list of asynchronous/hybrid courses developed at Hostos Community College since the inception of the Asynchronous Initiative in 2012. This list is organized by academic department.

Number of Asynchronous/Hybrid Courses Offered by Semester

Number of Asynchronous Courses Developed by Department

Number of Hybrid Courses Developed by Department

The “Are You Ready?” online readiness module is designed to prepare students for taking online courses. Whether asynchronous or hybrid, this course will cover a variety of topics that coincide with the Hostos Online Learning.  This course was first deployed to students in spring 2016 and it is offered each semester to any students who want to take online classes and it is voluntary.  Students only need to take it once and they can present a certificate as proof of completion to faculty members.

So far, the Are You Ready module has been deployed in 10 consecutive semesters described as V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7,V8,V9 and V10.  This spring 2022 would be the 10th version. In the chart below, the red bar represents the number of students who actually took the course and completed it while the blue bar represents students who accessed it, but did not necessarily complete it.

To see other statistics, please visit the Asynchronous tab or the Hybrid tab.  Our faculty section offers information about developing asynchronous and hybrid courses, and the student section provides rich content to students seeking to learn online. EdTech applies best practices and policies to online education here at Hostos.

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