Online Learning: Faculty


All the components of a typical syllabus should be presented in their Blackboard counterparts, as they are contextually equivalent, regardless of modality. Additional tools that are intended to facilitate engagement in online learning will also be provided. Being thoughtful about how to make the best use of Blackboard tools contributes to an effective learning experience.

The following is a comprehensive list of all information that should be presented in a Blackboard course. Faculty need to review that all course components are in place in order to receive approval from the ETLC for the online course.

An approved course (see complete online course development guidelines) will include and address components in each of the following five categories:

Online Instructors and faculty insightFaculty insight:

Defining Expectations: I go through the steps of what being a student… [read more]

Resources & Support: Create a community of co learners where they support one another…[read more]

Course Design & Environment: Students will see clearly presented folders and be able to…[read more]

Interaction & Engagement: Having a space where students can connect without a professor…[read more]

Assessment & Feedback: I plan to encourage students to pick from, use, or even “plagiarize”[read more]


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