Resources and Support

Provide additional and relevant resources:



College-wide policies/statements

These CUNY and college-wide statements describe policies that pertain to Academic Honesty and Integrity, Academic Integrity in Online LearningGrading Policy, Accessibility and more. They are included in a page titled CUNY/Hostos academic policies and should already be included in the Blackboard course template. They should not be modified in any way.

General support section

This section contains contact information for various academic resources, and includes the following pages:

  • Campus Resources
  • Blackboard Support
  • On-campus Blackboard Support

You’ll find them in the Blackboard course template, and they should NOT be modified in any way.


Course specific support section CS

What other forms of support may be needed to help students better comprehend course content, reach learning objectives, and successfully complete the course?

Points students to external websites that could offer them extra practice exercises relevant to the course of study, help them understand the material in different ways, or support them to develop skills that are essential to completing assignments but not relevant specifically to the course content. Examples include Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) for support with essay writing and Khan Academy for lessons in math, science and history.

Minimum technology requirements

Students are informed about technology and applications that will be used to participate in the course, as well as the level of digital literacy required to succeed.  This includes reference and direction on accessing the ‘Are you Ready?’ student online course preparation.


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