Hostos Teaching-Research Team

Research Library of the Hostos Teaching-Research Team

  1. The Flow of Thought Across the Zone of Proximal Development between Elementary Algebra and Intermediate English as a Second Language – Submitted by B. Czarnocha
  2. Ethics of teacher-researchers – Submitted by B. Czarnocha
  3. Drawing Science – Submitted by V. Dushenkov
  4. Encouraging Use of Mindful Knowledge – Submitted by N. Nunez-Rodriguez
  5. Learning to Read, Reading to Learn – Submitted by Julie Traichman
  6. Academic Language and the Challenge of Reading for Learning About Science – Submitted by Julie Traichman
  7. Supporting Students in Developing Literacy in Science – Submitted by Julie Traichman
  8. Teaching and Learning Strategies that work – Submitted by Julie Traichman
  9. Learning and Teaching Strategies – Submitted by Julie Traichman

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