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The section Mathematics Education contains general articles concerning the subjects such as Gender Differences in Mathematics Departments, relationships between different aspects of the field such as Arithmetics-Algebra divide or general news from colleges such as Quantitative Literacy at BCC. In general, the contributors to this section want to express their criticism or appreciation of the state of their institutions as well as of the state of the field.

The section Reflections on Practice contains general reflections upon teaching such as reflections on the relationship between learning mathematics and ELL which addresses types of useful questioning, motivational pieces such as Excellence in the Discovery of a Number, and General Reflection of an Educator. The contributors to this section are interested in comparing teaching practice across the disciplines and reflect upon the lessons drawn from their own practice which are worth sharing with the community.

The section Teaching Practice contains submissions describing the changes in teaching practice, observations upon it, new approaches, methods and tools of standard mathematical topics such as new geometrical techniques to the Random Variables, procedures of teaching mathematics or some particular techniques developed in the classroom such as Using Upper and Lower Bounds to find Square Roots. Description of new manipulatives encountered in practice belongs to this sections as well, e.g. Mathematical Domino or Fraction Grid – Schema Based Approach to Teaching and Learning Fractions. The contributors to this section are interested in nuts and bolts of teaching-practice, want to share very concrete observations concerning the details of teachers‘ work.

General, methodology issues pertaining to Teaching – Research are in the Section Teaching-Research: i.e. How does the classroom Teaching-Research question arise?, Introduction to Ethics of Teaching-Research. The articles describing integration of theory and practice, i.e. Classroom Memoirs of a Teacher-Researcher are other examples of the contributions contained here. Teaching-Research Section provides the background to the next Section, Teaching-Research Investigations, which attracts Teaching-Research reports of classroom investigations and Teaching Experiments, theoretical considerations upon their results (i.e. Procedural Knowledge and Written Thought to Pre-algebraic Mathematics), application of different methodological questions to practice under controlled conditions and application of research to practice. Hypotheses of new theories of learning deriving out of practice belong to this section as well.

Submissions should be formatted in APA Style, and written in Times New Roman – font 11pt or 12pt.

The first page should include:

The title, where each essential word is capitalized.
Full names of all the authors.
Institutional and country association of each author.

Submissions should be sent to either of the editors:

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