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  • Recommendation to Editor (Please mark “√” for appropriate option)
( ) Excellent, accept the submission (5) Accept for publication “as is” (RARE)
( ) Good, accept the submission with minor revisions required (4) Accept for publication with minor revisions (without further reviews)
( ) Acceptable, revisions required (3) Accept for publication with major revisions (with further reviews)
( ) Decline the submission (2) Reject without resubmission (RARE)

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  • Evaluation (Please evaluate the manuscript by grade 2-5)

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Grade brief description

Contribution to existing knowledge
What is the paper about? Does it propose a new idea, new approach? How does it fit in MTRJ mission in terms of classroom involvement and in terms of research involvement? who is the possible audience?

Organization and readability
Language and vocabulary. Does the paper need proofreading and help with English?

Motivation or justification
Why the didactic proposal is made? The research problem or other studies of similar characteristics are presented

Soundness of methodology
Is the methodology creative, new?
Had the authors carried their investigation under ordinary classroom conditions or very specific ones?
Have the authors provided a methodological and practical guidelines based on the classroom teaching experiment to implement their suggestions in other classrooms?
Are the methods and experimental settings reproducible by large number of teachers in their classrooms?

Evidence of the development of the proposal in the classroom. Are student answers and teachers’ comments included in the submission?
Analysis of an overall perspective of the development of the activity. Difficulties in the course of implementation.

Evidence supports conclusion
Clear goal and conclusions of the presentation

Adequacy of literature review
Motivation for the investigations and placing the work in the existing knowledge

  • Strengths







  • Weaknesses





  • Suggestions to Author/s









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Download MTRJ Review Form (Word doc)

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