Ethics Statement

Mathematics Teaching-Research Journal on line integrates professional ethics of teachers and researchers.

The central ethics of teachers is Do no harm! to students in the process of teaching-research, neither emotional harm nor the cognitive harm.

To exclude the emotional harm we require standard conditions of anonymity within the text of the submission, that is no real names of students are provided in the text nor any other information which could help anyone in the identification of participating students/subjects.

In the case of cognitive harm, we require statement which assures that as a result of the intervention understanding of mathematics did not worsen beyond the level of a standard classroom.

From the point of view of professional research ethics, we require integrity of the research including no plagiarism. That means:

  • the presented data are true data and their full set can be inspected by the editors.
  • all co-authors agree on the content of the submission.
  • all quotes have appropriate citation;
  • anecdotical evidence that is Information obtained privately, as in conversation, correspondence, or discussion with third parties, should not be used or reported in the author’s work unless fully cited, and with the permission of that third party.
  • the work is original and cannot be construed as plagiarizing any other published work, including author’s own previously published work.

We allow for:

a) English translations of previously published authors’ articles from different languages.

b) Significantly extended versions of authors’ reports in conference proceedings.

c) Inclusion of elements of text and/or figures in previously published articles by authors if the conceptual structure of the submitted paper (its substance) differs significantly from the previously published. The final decision is in the hands of the editors upon the discussion with the authors.

All three cases require appropriate citation of the previously published papers, and if required, the permission of the publisher.

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