Volume 1 N 2

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March 2007


Using Errors to Diagnose Math Misunderstandings
Anne Rothstein

An Introduction to the Ethics of Mathematics Teaching-Research
B. Czarnocha

Planning Solution the Mathematics Word Problem
Ewa Szczerba, Krygowska PDTR

Selected Middle Grade Intervention Strategies
Jacqueline Wright

Diagnostic procedure in algebra course of the first grade of the Middle School
Jerzy Migon, Krygowska PDTR

Using the Concept of Upper and Lower Bounds to Find Square Roots
Nkechi Agwu

Research Interests of Serigne Gningue

Research Interests of Rowhea Elmesky

IPARK: Integrating Practice-based and Research-based Knowledge into Learning Resource Repositories
Tom Carey

Fractions Grid – A Schema-based approach to the teaching and learning of the concept of fractions
Vrunda Prabhu

Mathematical Domino
Barbara Klawitter-Brzezinska
Beata Mielanczuk

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Respect for the mind of the learner, or comradeship in learning are natural guiding principles in any teaching-research. This necessitates the continual improvement of the diagnosed existing situation, and hence action upon the existing situation with the goal of the improvement of learning.

The improvement of classroom learning is the focus of this issue of the teaching-research journal. It is evident in the articles by all authors; in the tools of the trade; in the research interests of our featured researchers.

The aim of this MT-RJoL issue is to provide an insight into the possibility of traversing the Vygotskian Zone of Proximal Development to make contact with the intuitive/spontaneous concepts of the learner and provide the right “instruction” to take it to the required level of scientific/mathematical concepts, while forming their schema in the minds of students.

Of particular interest in the current issue are reports from Teaching-Research activities in Poland where a current project, called Krygowska Professional Development of Teachers Researchers (www.pdtr.eu) introduces the methodology to that country. These teachers’ reports are complemented by the report of Bronx teacher Jacqueline Wright who shares her knowledge and experience concerning strategies of prompt classroom interventions. At the same time we feature two articles from college faculty, Nkechi Agwu and Tom Carey informing about recent advances in college pedagogies. The editors of the journal are tackling promised discussion of the tools of Teaching-Research supplemented by the considerations about the ethics of Teaching-Research.



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