• RoadmapToTeachingInnovationTakingItFurther
    Taking It Further is about tools and techniques that bring more in-depth management to course assets and greater levels of collaboration, and introduces innovative online streaming media.
    Unit 1: Grade Center Part 2
    Unit 2: Rubrics
    Unit 3: Introduction to Video Streaming
    Unit 4: Groups
    Unit 5: Evaluation and Notification
    Unit 6: Content Collection
  • Roadmap To Teaching Innovation The Basics Badge
    The Basics a tour through the most essential tools of Blackboard. All you need to manage the online assets of a course, whether you just plan to only have a web presence or teach a fully online asynchronous course.
    Unit 1: Getting Started
    Unit 2: Getting to Know Your Blackboard Course
    Unit 3: Begin Building Your Course
    Unit 4: The Discussion…

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  • Roadmap toTeaching Innovation - Going The Distance Badge
    After completing this level you will be familiar with virtually every tool and feature that will help you manage a collaborative learning environment online with innovative tools, practices and course structure.
    Unit 1: Self and Peer Assessment
    Unit 2: Collaborative Learning Live
    Unit 3: Adaptive Release and Achievements
    Unit 4: Building Blocks…

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  • CATHERINE MAN wrote a new post, Padlet, on the site EdTech Links 7 months ago

    Easy to use collaboration medium, or for note-taking with visuals


    • Looks like fun, too bad there’s no free plan level. Could be worth checking out the 30 day trial.