Nominate a book for Hostos Reads

Book Nominations are Open!

Have you read an excellent book lately that you think everyone would benefit from reading? Nominate it!

Criteria for Book Selection

As faculty/staff/students are thinking about nominating a book, we recommend using the following criteria for book selection as a guide.

Does the book:

  • Offer an engaging, accessible read?

  • Address subject matter relevant to the disciplines and educational mission of Hostos?

  • Lend itself to related events or activities?

  • Appeal to a wide range of students?

  • Provide possibilities for classroom use among various disciplines/ academic departments?

  • Provide possibilities for use with other college initiatives (i.e. student clubs, Women’s history month, Black history month, Earth Day, Hostos 50th anniversary, etc.)?

  • Have relevance to student life (i.e. coming of age, diversity, relationships, family, self-exploration, identity, justice, immigration, etc.)?

Other considerations:

  • Is it available in paperback at a reasonable price?

  • Is the book of a length that makes it possible for people to finish it easily?

  • Portability – is the book published in a format that is easy to carry?

  • Is the book notable (i.e. award winner? Recommended by journals/magazines/web?)

  • Is the author available/willing to appear at Hostos to discuss it?

  • Can we get the book at discounted rate from publisher/author?

The Hostos Reads project builds upon the former book of the semester project led by Prof. Robert Cohen since 2005, and currently spearheaded by the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council. The overarching goal of this project is to promote  a culture of reading, discussion, and community building through the engagement of a common reading.

These are some of the goals this project plans to achieve:

  •     Community Building
  •     Highlight campus and University resources/student talents
  •     Inter-Departmental Connection
  •     Shared Intellectual Experience
  •     Enhance:

o   Critical Thinking

o   Self-Awareness

o   Diversity and Global Issues

o   Cultural competence

o   Teaching

o   Learning

Book Nomination / selection process:

The Center for Teaching and Learning will open the book nominations for the Hostos Reads book for the academic year. Nominations will be open until March 31st.

Once the nomination period has ended, the selection committee, an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students (6-8 people), will evaluate the nominations based on the selection criteria. The selection committee will recommend three book, which will be presented to the college community to choose the winning book through a voting process.

The voting process will be carried out during April and May, and the winning book will be announced at the CTL Spa Day.


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