Keynote speaker

The Future of Sustainable Building in The Bronx 

Heather McKinstry is an Associate at Dattner Architects. She believes that architecture’s most important role is to create inclusive, healthy, and sustainable environments for our communities, helping to build a more equitable world. After completing her thesis on disaster relief housing, Heather’s commitment to environmentalism and community focused urbanism led her to creating spaces for all New Yorkers while minimizing environmental impact of new buildings. A leader within the firm’s Sustainable Practice Group (SPG), she is the Chair of SPG’s Energy Committee. Heather holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design. 

Dattner Architects: The impact of architecture on the environment is long lasting. The future therefore starts with the plans we make today. We think ahead to a world where the next generation will benefit from healthy environments, ecologically sustainable buildings and communities, and conservation of precious natural resources. 

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Future Forward.–forward/ 




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