William T. Morris Scholarship

The William T. Morris Foundation Scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating particular excellence in theater and design. Awarded by the Humanities Department’s Visual & Performing Arts unit the scholarship provides students with significant scholarship opportunities and access to an Apple Laptop lending program. This Scholarship enables qualified Theater and Digital Design students to dramatically reduce the cost of their education at Hostos, to help with the cost of materials, to subsidize internship experiences, and to gain access to significant opportunities for professional development.  Application submissions are requested each December.

EdTech Internship

EdTech represents the College’s effort to make technology an effective and integral part of the academic endeavor of the institution. The mission of the EdTech is threefold: to enhance professional development which will empower faculty to apply new technologies that will improve the teaching and learning process, to provide the student body with a level of computer literacy that will enable them to participate more effectively in their education, and to create a supportive environment in which the possibilities of distance education can be realized to better serve the needs of an ever increasing large number of students who find it difficult to fit their family and work responsibilities into a traditional academic schedule.  Hostos Digital students chosen for this internship will work with EdTech on a wide range of video, web, and design projects.

Career Services

Career Services at Hostos are available to help refine and edit your resume, locate internship opportunities, and connect with potential employers in the design industry.  Visit them on the web or in person in Savoy Building, Room D-210.

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