Returning Student Advising Survey

This survey is for RETURNING Digital Design & Animation, Digital Music, and Game Design majors.  In order for your advisors to select the appropriate courses for you please fill out this form completely. Our team of advisors will then select your courses for the following term based on what required courses you need and your preferences for electives.

Please note that this survey is your primary opportunity to do the following:

  • Share your preferred schedule (example: the times you work),
  • Identify your track as [Design or Animation] or [Music Production or Sound Engineering]
  • Communicate elective courses you might wish to take.


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    Background Information

    What are your hobbies/interests?
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    What is your dream job?

    What do you primarily define yourself with? Choose one.

    What do you dedicate the most time to in your daily life? Choose one.

    Please check what software applications or programming/markup languages you are proficient in:
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    Current Classes + Expected Grades

    Please list all of your current classes and the grades you expect to receive in them. It is important that you communicate if you are likely to fail a class.

    Scheduling Next Semester

    Please select which track you are following based on your major:

    More information on these sequences can be found on the DD&A page and the DM page.

    DD&A: DesignDD&A: AnimationDM: Music ProdDM: Sound EngineeringGame Design
    Courses for Game Design majors will be introduced each semester beginning Spring 2012.

    Please select the times of day that BEST work with your schedule. Please note that this does not guarantee classes at that time, but we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
    Select all that apply by holding down the ⌘ (command) key on the keyboard and highlighting multiple items from the list.

    Please use this space to describe any scheduling conflicts it would be helpful for us to know about (work, family, etc.).

    What courses are you interested in taking this semester?

    Fill in at least 4 courses within the DD&A, DM, and GD programs.

    Program Course Option 1
    Program Course Option 2
    Program Course Option 3
    Program Course Option 4
    College Course Option 5 [select courseoption5 include_blank "ENGLISH" "MATH" "NATURAL SCIENCE" "SOCIOLOGY" "PSYCHOLOGY" "ITALIAN" "FRENCH" "SPANISH" "WRITING INTENSIVE""]
    College Course Option 6 [select courseoption6 include_blank "ENGLISH" "MATH" "NATURAL SCIENCE" "SOCIOLOGY" "PSYCHOLOGY" "ITALIAN" "FRENCH" "SPANISH" "WRITING INTENSIVE""]
    College Course Option 7 [select courseoption7 include_blank "ENGLISH" "MATH" "NATURAL SCIENCE" "SOCIOLOGY" "PSYCHOLOGY" "ITALIAN" "FRENCH" "SPANISH" "WRITING INTENSIVE""]

    Please use this space to include any other courses or comments on your course choices above.

    Are you interested in an INTERNSHIP? Internships can be arranged for qualified students both within Hostos and at outside companies.

    What type of opportunity are you looking for and what skills can you bring to this opportunity?

    Other Requirements

    Being a Digital Design & Animation major or Digital Music major has requirements BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. All Digital Design & Animation and Digital Music students are required to present their portfolios each semester at Portfolio Reviews and required to attend all program meetings. Below you are confirming that you are aware of these requirements and understand that if you do not complete them then you will be at risk for Program Probation.

    I understand that I am required to present my portfolio EACH SEMESTER during Portfolio Reviews.

    I understand that there is an ALL MAJORS MEETING every semester that I am required to attend.

    I understand that it is my responsibility to check email regularly (both personal and Hostos) and read all signage in the lab so that I am aware of all PROGRAM COMMUNICATION.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this information!

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