The Digital Programs at Hostos

The Digital programs at Hostos provide an extraordinary opportunity for students with artistic talent and/or an interest in modern media to explore a diverse selection of courses in graphic design, animation, audio recording, motion graphics, web design, video production, and photography.

Hostos Students visit Bloomfield College. May 2010

With a focus on technical and production-based learning, the program hones students’ aesthetic awareness while developing their technical, communication and collaborative skills. Students will not only learn particular software packages, they will be immersed in design and media in terms of their history, sociological ramifications, and various production techniques.

Here at Hostos students learn to appreciate art and design while developing software skills and work that they can be proud of. Ours is a portfolio driven program where presentation and critique of a students’ collected work takes place from the second term forward. This process allows students to hone their communication and presentation skills so that they become more professional, more hirable, and more self-confident.

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