$2500 First Prize for the NYPD POSTER CONTEST!!!

The New York City Police Department is inviting undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their artistic talent and their commitment to ending campus sexual assault by participating in the NYPD Campus Sexual Assault Poster Contest. The contest ends on October 16, 2015 at 5pm EST. Only posters that meet the contest Official Rules will be considered.
The goal of the contest is to encourage students to contact the NYPD by calling 911 if they are in immediate danger or the Special Victims Division Hotline at (646) 610-7272 if they are not in immediate danger, but think they have been sexually assaulted. We want victims of sexual assault to speak with Special Victims Division detectives even if they are unsure about pressing charges, and even if they have already reported the incident to their college or university.  
For a complete list of eligibility and poster requirements, release forms and Official Rules please see the attached document or go to www.nyc.gov/nypd.
Applicants must submit their posters and completed Release Forms electronically to: collab.policing@nypd.org.
·        First place: $2500
·        Second place: $1500
·        Third place: $1000
Winners will be announced the week of November 9, 2015 and will receive the NYPD Police Commissioner’s Certificate of Accomplishment. The winning poster will be distributed to college and universities in the five boroughs, and displayed on the NYPD website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. 
Please disseminate this email and attachment to faculty and students.   
If you have any questions, please email the NYPD Office of Collaborative Policing at collab.policing@nypd.org.

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