For those who came to code, We Salute you!

Here, you go folks, an awesome networking opportunity at the Bronx Digital Meetup  for experienced as well as newbie coders (and tech fiends) – The Bronx Digital Meetup is a group of innovators who are looking to combine creativity and technology to better the lives of those in our communities.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or someone new to tech, this group is a space for collaboration, innovation and creativity – bringing together creative technologists to learn from one another and spur new ideas to improve the lives of those in The Bronx and beyond.

They are having their launch party Tuesday, June 24th (Professors London & Shad will be in attendance)  and the group will be setting up a few coding workshops soon after.

These folks are also planning a word press workshop in July which they will be announcing soon, and would love to show any Hostos students interested how to set up public portfolio pages quickly and easily with minimal coding.

These folks are AWESOME! Come and get connected.




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