Sign up for Game-Framed Math & Science classes!


For the first time ever at CUNY –  math and science classes that augment traditional teaching methodologies with game play and student lead game design to engage students more deeply with the material.  These pilot classes will be offered Spring 2014 for Media Majors only.


AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE SCIENCE CLASSES – Students need to sign up for both the 110 and 111 class in order to enroll.  The 11o is the lecture, and the 111 is the lab.  Sounds weird, we know, but there is good reason for it that we’ll explain if you really need to know, but then we probably have to kill you.  Yeah, that super secret…  CIA/NSA kinda stuff.  Need to know only.

So BIO 110 and 111 need to be added to your cart together.  Same for ENV110 and 111.  Believe us when we say you won’t regret it.

Have questions?  Ask your advisor.


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