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Hostos Helping – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

In the wake of the utter devastation to so much of the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, the Hostos community is coming together to help raise funds.  These funds will help in the recovery efforts to bring hundreds of thousands of Philippine citizens back from the brink in the wake of one of the most powerful storms in history.

The organizers are arranging a concert at the Hostos Community College Theater in the South Bronx of New York.  The event will take place on December 6th 2013 and feature a wide variety of musical guests from the Hostos Community as well as simulcast performances from the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music in Manila.

All proceeds will be directed to the Catholic Relief Services whose extensive network within the effected area is acting to not only aid the more than 9.5 million people affected in over 9 regions across the Visayas region, but to also begin the process of rebuilding their communities.  The organization ensures that 93% of contributions go directly to programs that benefit needy families affected by this emergency, prioritizing emergency shelter, water and sanitation, household relief items (blankets, kitchen items, cookware), potable water and toilets.

We ask that you reach into your hearts to help in anyway possible.  Visit now!


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