The 1st Annual Hostos Game Design Competition Is Coming!!!!

Ready for the 1st Annual Hostos Game Design Competition?

Ready for the 1st Annual Hostos Game Design Competition?

All Game Design Students have been creating board games and social games in their introductory courses in Game Design, and the time has come to show off their ideas as well as the Hostos Game Design Program.

How this will work:

All Students currently enrolled in the program will be expected to be part of a self-selected collaborative team creating a standalone video presentation of the best game design they have been involved in since January 1st 2012.  Students who do not submit a game design will be placed on program probation.

These presentations should be prepared and saved on a USB jump drive delivered to the Humanities Office by Noon on Friday April 12th along with the names of all members of the design team as well as their contact information.  The presentations will be reviewed by faculty and outside professionals, and a handful of the games will be chosen for demonstration and playtesting at the First Annual Hostos Game Design Competition on Saturday May 4th.

All majors are expected to attend the competition which will take place between 11am and 4pm on Saturday May 4th.  All media students are encouraged to attend and take part.

First prize for the competition will be $500 to be put toward the production of beta versions of the winning game.  Second and third place prizes will be announced at the event.

See Professors Shad and Bethancourt for more information.


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