Nervous About Portfolio Reviews? Join Rashid Mausi for a Two Part Branding Workshop!

Incredible Branding Workshop[

Rashid Mausi, owner of The Hyphen Marketing-Entertainment, will present a two-part workshop

What the workshop will cover:

Branding: what it is and what it consists of.

Image in terms of the external qualities of an entity such as a business brand.

The importance of considering quality and relationships when communicating oneself to another entity, whether that’s a potential employer or a potential client.

Why is this important to you?

If you are a media student about to present your portfolio, it is essential that you be considering the branding of yourself as a media developer.  To embark upon a career in media, how you communicate your abilities and your professional self to others can be the most essential element in getting hired.

About Mr. Mausi:

Rashid Mausi has a career in advertising, television and production that resembles traits of the conjoining punctuation, the hyphen. With roots as a copywriter, professional actor and entrepreneur he has always been effective in hybrid roles that require diverse skills. While studying theater at University of Detrcommons Mercy, Rashid would sell radio commercials to local businesses that he wrote, produced and performed. After graduating Cum Laude, he went on working as an actor eventually performing on the main stage at Second City Detrcommons. Those improvisation skills would prove helpful as Rashid shifted from actor-rapper to copywriter-director. As an advertising creative and leader he connected the client needs with the agency mission.

His flexibility contributed to his success in creating award-winning advertising for GlobalHue, McCann Worldgroup New York and BET Networks. At every turn, Rashid not only excelled in his primary role in creative but also went above and beyond in additional inter-departmental responsibilities. As senior copywriter/strategic marketing at Globalhue he helped create and mange brand integrations to television shows as well as sponsorships and events. At McCann, he was a founding chairperson of a very successful community/youth outreach program and creative leader on the inaugural Adcolor Awards. While working in creative services at BET, he developed campaigns for flagship specials, original programming and was the point-person for the variable needs of Integrated Marketing.

His solution-oriented approach allows him to focus on the upside of any project despite the challenges. He does not believe in obstacles…only options. His passion to create quality content by utilizing his vast network that spans industries, demographics and continents is how The Hyphen Marketing-Entertainment was born.


More about Mr. Mausi and his work can be found at


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