The Hive Cooperative

The Hive Cooperative: Rees Shad, Elijah Richmond, Chris Aiken, Dylan Shad, Rocio Rayo, & Amara Dioubate

The Hive Cooperative was formed this summer when Professor Rees Shad and his teaching assistant and collaborator Dylan Shad recruited Hostos students and recent graduates to help them create a book on game design.  The team, made up of Rocio Rayo, Elijah Richmond, Amara Dioubate, and Chris Aiken came together in late July to analyze, playtest, deconstruct, reconstruct, edit, illustrate, and layout Rees’ original text.

The team spent long grueling weeks working on the manuscript of Einstein & the Honeybee, which they have published through Amazon’s self-publishing arm Createspace.  The book is on sale through Amazon as well as through traditional bookstores, and is being used as the main textbook for the Introduction to Game Design Classes.

Funded in part by the Ravenfox Fund, proceeds from sales of the book are equally shared by the members of the cooperative.

Stay tuned, the cooperative is already plotting other projects….


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