Song Production Workshop with Rees & Dylan Shad

This is an opportunity to sit in on a song production workshop with Rees and Dylan as they build a song together from the ground up.  The two have worked together on several projects over the last several years, and can’t wait to put the Hostos Recording studio through its paces.  The workshop will take place over several weeks and allow students the opportunity to observe and take part in their unique approach to the creative process.  Undoubtedly it will get interesting as the two pull prized pieces of gear into the studio, and invite talented guests to help them flesh out and polish a song.  From the first production meeting to final mastering session, students will have the opportunity to see professionals in action.

The workshop will require reservations and the commitment to all five sessions starting on November 1st.  Contact Professor Shad to sign up quick!  Only a few seats left.


Sessions will be:

November 1 – initial production concept, arrangement, and tracking

Guest musicians for this session will include drummer Gary Burke (Bob Dylan, Shania Twain, Joe Jackson)

November 8 – editing & overdubbing

November 29 – editing & overdubbing

December 6 – mixing

December 13 – mixing & mastering

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  1. Lenz 12 years ago

    Cool, I always learn something new when I watch good producers @ work

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