Call for Summer Teaching Artist Assistant

The Center for Urban Pedagogy [CUP] has an opportunity open for the summer!  The summer program will be located at Hostos and Professor Hatuey Ramos-Fermin will be leading it! Check it out:

Call for a Teaching Artist Assistant

CUP is seeking a teaching artist assistant to collaborate on an Urban Investigation in the Bronx this summer. CUP’s intensive project-based curricula enable students to explore fundamental questions about how the city works, through collaborative research and design. You would be helping the CUP teaching artist on all in-class aspects of the Urban Investigation, from facilitating interviews to working with students on design projects. Teaching artist assistants often go on to work on CUP projects as teaching artists.

Each investigation begins with a key question about the city. To find answers, students go beyond standard classroom learning and engage in rigorous field research, visiting real sites and interviewing decision-makers and stakeholders. Students then collaborate with the teaching artist to produce innovative, engaging multimedia works. These projects are taken up by neighborhood organizations and advocacy groups and used to educate others.

The Urban Investigation will take place between July 9 and August 16 (with a break the week of August 6). The project meets four times a week (Monday through Thursday) from 9 am to 2 pm. The position pays a project stipend of $1500. Teaching experience is not a requirement. Experience with graphics software, like Adobe Creative Suite, is a plus.

here to see the instructions for applicants.


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