Master Percussionist John Arrucci coming to Hostos!

On October 20th at 5:30 pm, Master Percussionist John Arruci will be running a Rhythm workshop at the Hostos Recording studios (C-418). John is a world renown percussionist and composer who has studied and taught around the world – From India to South Africa, From Europe to Central and South America.  His intimate knowledge of Classical, Jazz, North-Indian, Afro- Cuban, Afro-Brazilian and other indigenous traditions gives him – as well as his audiences – a singularly rich perspective on the creation and impact of music. He’s also a terrific guy!

John will present a program featuring percussion  instruments and traditions from around the world with an emphsis on the African Diaspora. A samba drumming workshop will follow where participants will learn to play on provided Agogo, Tamborim and Ganza, responding to “calls” on the Samba whistle.

John will be joining the teaching staff here at Hostos in the Spring, so let’s all make him feel welcome!

Seating is limited,be sure to contact Professor Shad about reserving a space!


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