Hostos Design Visiting Lecture Series

MILES GILBERT /// MONDAY MARCH 28, 2011 /// C516 @ 6pm

After studying Graphic Design at RISD, Miles Gilbert went on to work at Ogilvy and Mather, one of the top advertising agencies in the world. There he began work on a two year project for IBM: designing the face of Watson, a supercomputer built to compete on the game show Jeopardy against two of its greatest contestants. After the completion of the Watson project, Miles has gone on to craft compelling images for worldwide brands such as Sprite, Fanta, and The Gap.

MIKE PERRY /// MONDAY APRIL 11, 2011 /// C516 @ 6pm

As a designer and artist working in a variety of mediums, including
˜but not limited to˜books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, and illustration, Mike Perry is compelled by the ways in which the hand-drawn informs and deepens contemporary visual culture. Perry works regularly for a number of editorial and commercial clients including Apple, The New York Times, Dwell, Target, Urban Outfitters, eMusic, and Nike. In addition to his commercial, non-profit, and art work, Perryhas also published extensively. His books include „Hand Job,‰
„Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-drawn Patterns,‰ and „Pulled: A Catalogue of Screen Printing.‰

MEGAN FEEHAN /// MONDAY MAY 2, 2011 /// C516 @ 6pm

Megan Feehan is a graphic designer whose work explores processes of reading, including the ways we interact with and encounter typography. She holds a BA from Barnard College, where she studied architecture, and an MFA in graphic design from RISD. She lives and works in New York.

JACK ERHBER /// MONDAY MAY 9, 2011 /// C516 @ 6pm

Jack Erhber is a computer graphics artist and art director livingin New York. In 2005, he formed Millions of Tiny Robots, Ltd,a boutique commercial animation studio focusing on print and broadcast photo-real rendering and animation. In their first year, Jack and his partners co-directed fully animated broadcast spots for Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Windstream Communications. Jack joined thelab in 2008, bringing his crew from MotR along with him, establishing their CG department. He joined the creative team at thelab in the end of 2009, where he worked to help develop the campaign which won them the Cadillac campaign.


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