Drew Cogbill speaks about App and Game Development

Guest Speaker Drew Cogbill

Drew Cogbill, Producer/Developer for SmallPlanet

Drew Cogbill is a producer and developer at SmallPlanet, a company in Brooklyn specializing in custom app and game development.  Drew spoke to Digital Design & Animation students in the Apple lab about how he arrived at where he is today.  Majoring in Chemistry and Music at the University of Arkansas, Drew did not have mobile app development on his mind.  Through a life-changing experience in Belize and his time at Parsons getting his MFA in Design & Technology, Drew became more interested in the mobile space and the accessibility it offered to all — even those in developing countries.  Drew explored this idea further in his thesis project named Pigeon.

“To develop Pigeon, I asked how affordable, accessible technology could be used to provide intimate communication.” -www.drewcogbill.com

These days Drew is a producer/developer for SmallPlanet and spends his days creating mobile iPad and iPhone apps for clients such as Disney, GM, and Paramount.  Many thanks to Drew for sharing his story, his projects, and his time.


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