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This blog is to assist and support Hostos students, staff and faculty interested in healthy weight issues. We will be discussing the topics and concepts covered in the Healthy Weight support group meetings, which meet 8 to 9 times per semester for one hour. In these group sessions we discuss topics related to weight management and fitness, specifically balance deficit diets, how to increase daily physical activity, exercise workouts and behavior modification techniques toward better health and weight. This blog can also be used to post daily food intake and/or physical activities/exercise routines to be evaluated/discussed for appropriateness and possible improvements. In addition, this Blog will provide information related to a variety of health issues such as food portions and calories, calories from fat, eating healthy on a budget and any other topic of interest.

The main purpose of the Healthy Hostos- Healthy Weight Blog is to offer a venue for students and staff to discuss issues and concerns related to health and fitness. The ultimate goal is to offer assistance and support to our college community toward a better lifestyle and a healthier weight by discussing current health issues of interest. Any member is encouraged to actively participate by introducing health and fitness relevant information, concerns or personal experiences that inspire members to improve any aspect of their weight/health/fitness status. Suggestions for improvement and/or topics to be discussed are welcome.
Dr. Iris Mercado

“Be Healthy. Keep Smiling. Enjoy Life.”

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