Upcoming Events

Spring 2013

The college is celebrating African American History month and has many events schedules throughout the month of February. The following are some of the events:

Thursday, February 14th – 12:30 – A Atrium
Afro Stretch Movement workshop

Tuesday, February 19th – 11:00 AM – Savoy MPR
Alzheimer Disease Issues in the African American and Hispanic community

Living Well by Moving More– Hostos Sport and Fitness center showcase
Date: TBA; Location: Lobby Building C (1st floor); Time: 12 to 2pm
Guided tour of Hostos’ Sport and Fitness facilities. Come and Participate in our event and get information about Hostos’ Fitness Areas. Prizes and giveaways available.�

Fall 2012

Healthy Weight Support Group meetings for Fall 2012: Tuesdays at 3:30 from October 2 to November 13. Schedule as follow:

Introduction to Behavior Modification, Physical Activity and “myplate.gov” website and Food Dairy discussion
Are you ready to Lose Weight?(Stages of Change)
Diet for weight loss, serving size and “myplate.gov”
Physical activity
Review Food Dairy, calorie and low fat tips
Benefits of Exercise, how to choose the right type of exercise, everyday activities
Behaviors awareness
Situations that triggers eating, ABC approach, Importance of setting goals
Reading Labels (sugar, fiber and fat)
Setting reasonable goals for exercise
Saturated and trans fats, cholesterol and calories and social events
Walking as exercise- 10,000 steps program
Craving vs. Hunger, behavior chain
Never skip a meal, pre-planning techniques, Plateau, social events, dining out and long
Body metabolism, Relapse prevention (exercise), walking
Positive thinking vs dichotomous /terminal/reverse thinking, magnification of errors, fatalism and Relapse prevention, What to do to change the cycle


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