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Weight Management and Fitness Related Digital Applications for IPad

Digital applications are very popular among young adults and college students.  In todays world “there is an App for that”.  There are numerous applications for IPad and smart phones that can help people with weigh control and fitness issues.  This “apps” or applications can help people track food intake, exercise and physical activities, give nutritional information and advice, count calories, provided reminders for drinking water, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise and some help you to go grocery shopping and read labels.  Many apps are free some required payment and many start free and later you need to pay for upgrades.  In my experience the free versions are good enough.  Many of these apps require your commitment and time to continue adding and acquiring the information and the benefits that they may have.  In my case I used the apps that have reminders, food scanners and show exercises routines to be follow and require less of my own input.  For people that are trying to lose weight, I recommend to use the ones that keep track of their food intake and calculate the calories consume daily.  Tracking food intake and counting calories are very powerful tools for weight management.  Keeping a food diary could help people to identify trends such as not eating fruits and vegetable, not drinking water, eating “junk food” regularly and going over their calorie intake goals.  Some of my favorites apps are Fooducate, mydietcoach, MyFitnessPal, Livestrong, officefitness and the exercises workouts (see table below).  With these apps you can set the alerts and reminders you want to receive and the digital device will let you know when its time for a certain task.  Below find a table with a short comment on some of the apps used.

App Price Description and Special features My Rate
Fitness Tip Free and $$ Provide quotes and tips about weight loss and health Ok
Weight Coach $-$$$ Monitored weight changes, have reminders for exercise routines and sleep timesIncludes challenges and reminders Very Good
Weight Loss 4.99/9.99 Give you a personal plan for diet and exercise Good
CookingMtrs Free and $$ Healthy recipes with low calories alternative ingredients. Good
MyFitnessPal $-$$$ Calorie and fitness tracker, includes reminders and progress charts. Very Good
Workouts free Contain full workout for different targeted muscle as well as full body routines. Ok
Livestrong Free and $$ Keep track of food intake with calories and nutrient (fat, carbs, protein and calories from fatHave the choice of a food list (including ‘fast food’), a scanner and you can add foods manually Very Good
Smart shop Free or $2.99 Easy to use shopping list but limited. Good
Grocery List Partial version free You add the food for your personalized list, to get a complete list you need to buy upgrade version 2.99 Ok
GDNF Free and $$ List and rank alcohol beverages based on % alcohol and calories Good
Recipes $-$$ Have recipes for weight loss Ok
a-z food nutrition facts Free and $$ Provides detailed nutritional information about thousands of different natural foods Ok
SmoothiesWhole living Free From Martha Steward Good
Weight loss Free and $ List of tips and quotes about food and nutrition related to weight loss Ok
Simply Yoga Free and $ Provided 20, 40 and 60 minutes yoga routines and step you through each pose with videos demonstrations Ok
Foodle Free and $$ List of foods with their nutritional value Ok
Food free Only the previous is free You choose a food and give you a score and recommendation of food is healthy or injurious to your health ??
FunFood Facts Free Give you tips and short information about food Example- how buffalo wings got its name. (Who cares?) Ok
OfficeFitness Free Includes a list of short activities to do over the working day in different category. Includes reminders, motivational messages and photo images of the activity with a timer. Very good
DietBuzz Free A social network with weight loss themes ??
App Price Description and Special features My Rate
BellyBurner Includes videos to illustrate the exercises, instructions and a timer. Ok
Loss the belly free List of videos illustrating exercise or sharing strategies to lose belly fat. Also include stories, before and after losing weight. Ok
Fit Brains Games to exercise brain functions- Good
WW Mobile Free and $$ From “Weight Watches”, includes recipe, shopping list, meetings place finder, health related articles, weight watchers success stories and more Very good
WW Recipes Free, $, $$$ From “Weight Watches”. Excellent recipes with “WW points” values. Good
Cal counter Free-$-$$ Track your daily calorie intake and physical activities. Includes BMI, WC, B/P, B/S and more Good
Diet Foods Free List of foods with a short nutrition related comment Ok
Fooducate Free or $ You can scan or browns food and get nutritional information, food quality grading, track your food intake (food diary) and much more. Excellent
Find Me GF Free and $ Use your location to help you find restaurant that offer Gluten Free menus. Need to get updated frequently. Ok
More Bmi Free Good to calculate Body Mass Index Good
Pedometer Free and $ Very inaccurate pedometer for smart phones ?
Juicy Juicer $ Includes written and video recipes and juicing tips Ok
Cardio Free or .99 They all show images and instructions for exercises at all fitness levels with an option of your own personal e-trainer ($) by e-mail. Very good
Push Up
Ab Workouts
Butt Worko
Arm Worko
mydietcoach Free or $ Includes food and exercise tracker, setting goals and more but my favorite part is the reminders and motivational quotes. I used it to remind me to drink water. Very Good
ShopWell Free, $, $$$ You can scan or search for the products you shop for but is very limited with Latino origen foods. Ok
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  1. Kevin Nazario 9 years ago

    What would be the most intense most rewarding (free or not) diet and workout in the shortest amount of time?

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