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ShopWell’s is a smart Phone app that can help choose healthy food by scaning their bar-code or search by the food name to find out the Nutritional Fact and ingredients list. The app offer you a “better for you” choice and explained why your choice is good or not based on your personal profile. This app scores food based on the expert knowledge of Dietitians. You should try it and let us know how you like it (or not).
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  1. Valentina Potylitsyna 11 years ago

    This app is pretty sweet! Especially if you cannot come up with a substitude of something healthier, it provides you with at least two better choices. I find it very helpful when you have a limited amount of time for food shopping. I was able to find another app that basically counts all the calories you had during a day, so you can track the total calories, and see if you go overboard or if you can have a sweet treat. I find this app very helpful, because i dont always have my nutrition book with me. HOWEVER, if you plan to use that information, you should compare calories with the nutrition book, because the numbers in the app are not always correct. Plus it requires the internet everytime you use it. Oh, and it is called “MyFitnessPal” I was able to find it on either i-phone or android. Good luck!

  2. KEVIN CAMPBELL 11 years ago

    Shopwell seems to be a great mobile app, the only problem is, it seem to only be available on the IOS (Apple Mobile) platform. Since many students use the Android platform, here is a comparable free app available from the Google Play Store called “Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet”.
    Here’s their marketing description:
    Don’t Diet – Eat Healthy with Fooducate! Featured App on Android Market Dec 2011.
    Scan and choose healthy groceries. Over 200,000 unique UPCs!
    As featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, USAToday, NYTimes, WSJ, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and on ABC, FOX, NBC and more…
    Instead of trying to decode nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists…
    …use your Android phone to:
    ★ Automatically scan a product barcode
    ★ See product highlights (both good & bad)
    ★ Select better alternatives

    This is a great app that does all that Shopwell does, and works like a charm even on my cheap, BoostMobile phone.
    If for some reason a product is not available in the database, there is an option for you to take pictures of the product and submit them within the app for inclusion in their database.

    Enjoy in good health.

  3. Fevidaury Valerio Arias 11 years ago

    I am very interested in this class because it has helped me to improve my eating habits. Therefore, with the different kinds of health apps that are offer through this web site it is even easier to follow a good diet and finding what to eat. In other words, this apps have been helping me a lot because when I am not sure about getting certain item for myself, just scanning the bar code from the respective item it tells me how many calories I would ingest and much more. Finally, it is really useful at the time of getting to know better what we are eating. I loved it!

  4. Valentina Potylitsyna 11 years ago

    I was so excited about this post finally, but couldn’t open it for some reason….this app would take away such burden from my shoulders, because i always try to find more natural foods, with minimum added sugars, salt, chemicals, and of course trans fats…especially now that I’m taking nutrition class, the purchase control for food comes automatically, i discovered so many new things i never ate or added into my diet before…this app should be great

  5. Tonnie-Ann Nelson 11 years ago

    Lose it is an awesome app, i’ve been using it for two months now and it works really well for me along with regular exercise.

  6. Jessica G. 11 years ago

    This app sounds really cool, and seems to be a great way to find out if what you’re eating is healthy or not. It’s a great way to compare food products and find a much healthier and economic choice. This can also help people who struggle with obesity or other weight related issues figure out what foods are nutritious ad healthier for their diet. I will certainly give this app a try.

  7. Sonia Alfonso 11 years ago

    The app LOSE IT is really good to count your calorie intake. It also has a list of calories from different foods that they have in different restaurants. For example, if you eat in McDonald’s or Popeyes the list gives you the calories for the foods that they sell. It’s really cool.

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