Diet Tip #2- Drink plenty water every day

Water is essential for your body and the need for it increases when you are burning fat as a result of a deficit calorie diet and an increase in physical activity. Water is used by the body to transfer by-products of waste from fat breakdown out of the body. A common misconception is that by drinking “too much” water, people will retained water weight or feel bloated but the opposite is true. The higher the water intake, the more water and waste materials the body will flush out making you feel less bloated and lose more water weight over time.

When you feel hungry but it isn’t “time to eat”, drink water. Many times we confuse hunger/graving with dehydration. To avoid the confusion drink water first and if you are really hungry you will know! Experts recommend “drinking water when a craving first hits. This will make sure you’re not confusing hunger for thirst and will also help you cut down on the amount of food you eat, helping you with your weight loss.”

  1. K. Osmanaj 11 years ago

    For those of you who hate to drink water, I have figured out a way that you can actually track how much water you are drinking. I have been buying the 1.5 Liter bottle of water and carrying it with me everywhere I go. I get so busy at work that I forget to drink water or even use the restroom. Recently, I have changed my habit from drinking absolutely no water to atleast a cup of water at home before I start my day. Throughout the day, I make sure the 1.5 L bottle stands right before my eyes so that I am constantly reminded. This works so well!!!! 1.5 Liters of water is about 6 cups of water. Plus the 1 cup I drink in the morning making 7 cups. Dont forget that fruits contain water too!!

    • mramos 11 years ago

      Thank you for this information I normally don’t drink lots of water. I can go days without touching a single cup and I know that’s bad but I tend to lie to myself by saying well I drank juice or soda so that’s enough fluid in my body, but I know this way of thinking is not healthy and I want to change. I just can’t get over the taste of nothing. I guess I will try to put a piece of lemon in it to start. again thank you.

  2. Akeisha Bowles 11 years ago

    I try to drink water as much as i can but it is really hard because water is so tasteless compared to juice or soda.The most water i drink a day is two 16 ounce water bottles.

  3. Optimum Honor 11 years ago

    Now that I know the importance of drinking water, I will start. I plan to bring a water bottle with me every where I go so I can have a reason not to buy soda or juice. I really want to improve the appearance of my skin and water can do that for me. Water can also help me to not over eat. If I drink some before eating will prevent me from thinking Im still hungry.

  4. SHAMIKA OTERO 11 years ago

    I never use to drink water, always juice and soda all the time, but than i always felt very dehydrated. So i started to drink less juice and soda and more water!! and let me tell you i love water now, i drink it all day long now!!!!

  5. liza Cabrera 11 years ago

    after i started drinking more water my face was getting cleaner i don’t know if its because of the water. i stop drinking soda and juice and started just drinking water of milk and my face cleared up not a lot but i notice some changes

  6. Linda Bellamy 11 years ago

    What is the appropriate amount of water to drink in a day? I drink probably 2 16oz bottles of seltzer water in a day, is this enough.

  7. tamara cameron 11 years ago

    I can relate with the last paragraph because when I feel hungry I tend to eat alot of sweets and snacks because they are easier to make I did not think that if I drink water it may decrease my confusion with wanting to eat whenever I feel hungry.

  8. Jessica G. 11 years ago

    Drinking water actually does help lead to a much healthier lifestyle. Drinking water has stopped me from eating alot of unhealthy snacks, it is also a great way to hydrate your skin. It can also prevent cellulite from forming, with excercise ofcourse.

  9. Yesenia Torres 11 years ago

    By just increasing your water intake through-out the day, that’s the first step towards making a change for a healthier lifestyle.

  10. ~Kinka~ 11 years ago

    Water is very important for the body, but what can we do if we dont like to drink it to much?

  11. mallory gethers 11 years ago

    Totally agree I drink nothing but water, i even stop alcohol intake and i see and noticed the difference NO JUICE NO SODA ONLY WATER

  12. Zoe Mckenzie 11 years ago

    I dont really like drinking water, but I know its good its good for me. I notice that it helps keeps my face clean for the simple fact that its cleansing my body and system. So knowing that i try to drink as many cups as possible because there are many benefits of it.

  13. Sonia Alfonso 11 years ago

    I remember my mother telling me not to drink water right after eating, she says that it will contribute to weight gain. I always thought of it as an idea that didn’t make sense. I try to drink as much water as possible, I strongly believe that it not only cleanses your body but it also provides a sense of “gratification” that promotes a sense of good eating habits; the better you feel, the more motivated you become. Therefore, this will help the overcome goal of eating healthy to prevent diseases.

  14. Author
    IRIS MERCADO 11 years ago

    Try- in a liter container add water sliced lemon and ginger (grater or ground). It gives a spicy taste.

    • Patricia G 11 years ago

      I have always drank water, just not enough… Now however, I make sure to drink enough water and must importantly encourage others to do so as well.

    • K. Osmanaj 11 years ago

      Hmm very interested.
      You can also replace ginger with cayenne pepper 🙂 The lemon and cayenne pepper will definitely stimulate metabolism. It would make sense to drink it in the morning and/or before meals.

  15. Ashleigh Wilson 11 years ago

    I used to drink plenty of water daily but lately water is so bland to drink. So knowing I have to drink water I love to use to-go packs. They help spice up your water, zero calories and has tons of flavor. I reccomend liptons to-go packs.

  16. ANA NUNEZ 11 years ago

    I love the water! the water it really helping me to not overeat. I always have to drink a cup of water before any meal .I also feel that water is the best way to control hunger .

  17. This is very enlightening, i myself sometimes confuse hunger with dehydration because i don’t really drink that much water. I will keep track of the amount of water i drink everyday and see if there are some changes in my body.

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