Compare with unfit people, physically fit people enjoy:

1- More restful, beneficial sleep
During rest, the body repairs injuries, disposes of wastes generated during activity, and builds new physical structures.
2- Improved nutritional health
Physical activity expends energy and thus allows people to eat enough food.
If they choose wisely, active people will consume more nutrients and be less likely to develop nutrient deficiencies.
3- Improved body composition
A balanced program of physical activity limits body fat and increases or maintains lean tissue.
4- Improved bone density
Weight-bearing physical activity builds bone strength and protects against osteoporosis.
5- Enhanced resistance to colds and other infectious diseases
6- Lower risk of some types of cancer
Lifelong physical activity may help to protect against colon cancer, breast cancer, and some other cancers.
7- Stronger circulation and lung function
8- Lower risks of cardiovascular disease
Physical activity lowers BP, slows resting pulse rate, lowers total cholesterol, and raises HDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes.
9- Lower risks of developing or help control type 2 diabetes
Physical activity help to normalizes blood glucose concentration.
Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and benefits those who already have the condition.
10- Reduced risk of gallbladder disease (women)
11- Lower incidence and severity of anxiety and depression
12-Stronger self-image
13- Longer life and higher quality of life in the later years
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Reference: Seizer, F., & Whitney, E. (2010). Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies 12ath Ed. Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning.
Posted by Iris Mercado

  1. tamara cameron 11 years ago

    This list of benifits to being fit and compared to unfit people makes me want to excercise more oftern to elivate alot of discomforts i have during the day. so far i have been using the steps more at the college but I seem to feel tired maybe I should bring water with me and a healthy snack.

  2. Sonia Alfonso 11 years ago

    I have to admit that I’m in very bad physical shape. I gained a lot of weight by not eating properly and now when I’m walking I can’t talk on the phone; I lose my breath. I also have short breath while going up the stairs to reach the train station. I have to exercise more because if I don’t, I will end up suffering from a heart attack. The other days my train was coming and I ran up the stairs, I made it to the train but I got sick! I started feeling nauseous, loss of breath, and dizziness. I thought I was going to collapse. I had to get out of the wagon and sit down until my heart rate leveled to its proper beat. If I was in shape, that wouldn’t have happened.

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