Presentation on “Diets” for Weight Management

  1. The best weight management tip to keep in mind is really simple: develop habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to weight management. Find a weight loss solution that works for you.

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  2. Nakpane 11 years ago

    According to doctors and researchers, obesity and diabetes are connected. An obese person is at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes; particularly if a close family member is affected with diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight throughout your life in order to protect yourself from developing a chronic disease like diabetes. There are two things to focus on in order the stay and maintain your body healthier: physical exercises and diet
    The most important thing to remember about exercise is that it should be done on a regular basis, which means about three times a week for 30 minutes each time. To boost yourself to exercise regularly, you should choose an activity or set of exercises that you enjoy. For instance, I like walking and I know that walking is an excellent exercise for most people at no cost to you. Every day when I come from school or from work, I get off three trains stations far away from my house and I walk until my house and it takes me about 20 to 25 minutes every day in the week
    It is important to have a balanced diet too. A balanced diet contains protein, grains, fruits and vegetables and only a small amount of fat. The majority of our diet should consist of carbohydrates (like whole grain bread, rice, and cereal), fruits and vegetables we should also drink a lot of water. Meat low in fat, like fish, chicken, and lean red meats are better for consumption and are cheap too. gives brighter information about how to compose your meal to eat healthier.
    However if you are already obese or have already diabetes, this doesn’t mean that everything is over. Firstly, you should visit your doctor before your case get worst. The doctor will then examine your case and decide in case you are obese, which kind of diet is appropriate for you; or in case you have diabetes he will establish a treatment according to the kind of diabetes you have because diabetes is a very serious illness that need special attention. Though you cannot deal with your diabetes all by yourself, you will therefore need a medical assistance. In some case you just need a special diet but other cases will need insulin injection either to regulate your glucose’s level in your body. Secondly, you should follow strictly your doctors advises concerning your diet and your physical activities because your health depends on it.

  3. Sakina Hassan 11 years ago

    Sakina Hassan … I enjoyed exploring this site

  4. Cristina Medina 11 years ago

    BMI is a great way to know how your weigh are.. and if you have to improve something about it or not… i though i was over weigh but now i know that i have a normal weigh …. thank you

  5. BRENDA TOLENTINO 11 years ago

    Prof. Mercado, i’ve done the BMI. I appreciate the information you’ve provided for my classmates and me. This is definetly going to help me keep a balanced weight for my height. I believe the BMI is very helpful, not just for me, but for others as well.

  6. Eliaiza Lopez 11 years ago

    Did the BMI calculator and now I know my BMI. I am currently enrolled in your fall semester class HEALTH 216A

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