Obesity Trends in US

  1. Maria Paulino 11 years ago

    I been more aware of what’s best for my health. My food intake was not doing me any good.my nutrition class is helping me educated my self as far as eating habits.

  2. Hola, this is very amazing and i never knew the obesity rate in 2010 was really that bad. It’s very astonishing because, in the 1900 we didn’t know much about all of this information but now, we have all the technology to figure out what is wrong with us and what can be done to improve our health but rather its the other way around, we are actually gaining more obesity. I can only predict that where we are now in 2013 is not good. This was very informative, it helped me to think more about my weight and others in my family and friends and to find ways to stay healthy.

  3. kadian mills 12 years ago

    Since I have started taking this nutrition course i have learnt a lot of information regarding nutrition and health. I learnt what is BMI and the significant of knowing your own and the health risk that you may or may not be at based on your figure. i have checked my and am not so happy with the results so i have started doing certain things differently so can i can improve and move to a figure that is right for my health.

  4. Jodi Smith 12 years ago

    I checked my BMI, I wasn’t happy with the out come but now that makes me want to start a new way of eating and for preventig more weight gain.

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