1. Download IGAT Chem DIY Files
  2. Print out all cards on Cardstock paper (8.5in x 11in). Printing back to back (double sided) is optional but advised.
    Note: File name dictates how many times to print.
  3. Cut cards out.
  4. If fronts and backs of cards are printed separately, glue backs to corresponding cards that belong to that deck. (Ex: Paste an image that says Element back to back with an image that says Lithium).
  5. Separate decks. You should have 4 decks. These decks include an Attribute deck, Element deck, Suggestion card deck, and Statement guide deck.
  • Attribute Deck: 132 total cards.
    • Symbol: 40 total cards, Two of each (Cl, He, Kr, Ti, W, C, Na, S, Li, Ar, N, O, Si, Be, Al, Mg, Hg, Fe, Au, Ne).
    • Atomic #: 21 total cards (Seven 1-10, Seven 11-18, Seven 19-110).
    • Atomic Mass: 16 total cards (Four 1-14.99, Four 15-27.99, Four 28-54.99, Four 55-281.99).
    • Room Temp: 24 total cards (12 Solid, 5 Liquid, 7 Gas).
    • Element Groups: 31 total cards (8 Metal, 9 Non Metal, 6 Noble, 8 Trans Metal)
  • Element Deck: 20 total Cards.
    • Chlorine, Helium, Krypton, Titanium, Tungsten, Carbon, Sodium, Sulfur, Lithium, Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, Beryllium, Aluminum, Magnesium, Mercury, Iron, Gold, Neon.
  • Suggestion Card Deck: 6 total cards.
  • Statement Guide Deck: 6 total cards.

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