IGAT: Biology DIY

  1. Download IGAT Bio DIY Files
  2. Print out all cards on Cardstock paper (8.5in x 11in). Printing back to back (double sided) is optional but advised.
    Note: File name dictates how many times to print.
  3. Cut out cards.
  4. If fronts and backs of cards are printed separately, glue backs to corresponding cards that belong to that deck. (Ex: Paste an image that says Attributes back to back with an image that says Tundra).
  5. Separate decks. You should have 5 decks: Attribute deck, Animal deck, Suggestion card deck, Statement guide deck and Animal list deck.
  • Attribute Deck: 125 total cards.
    • Habitat: 23 total cards (1 Tundra, 5 Fresh Water, 8 Forest, 6 Salt Water, 2 Plains)
    • Sustenance: 22 total cards (3 Herbivore, 13 Carnivore, 6 Omnivore)
    • Reproduction: 23 total cards (6 Live Birth, 17 Eggs)
    • Exterior: 29 total cards (5 Fur, 5 Hair, 4 Feather, 5 Skin, 5 Exoskeleton, 5 Scales)
    • Location: 29 total cards (4 Biped, 11 Quadruped, 4 Fly, 9 Swim, 1 Slither)
  • Animal Deck: 22 total cards.
    • Tiger Salamander, Blue Poison Frog, Fired Bellied Toad, Warty Newt, Alligator Snapping Turtle, American Crocodile, Komodo Dragon, King Cobra, King Vulture, American Bald Eagle, Flamingo, Macaw, Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, Great White Shark, Sockeye Salmon, Angler Fish, Electric Eel, White Tail Deer, African Aardvark, American Bison, Arctic Hare, Manatee.
  • Suggestion Card Deck: 6 total cards.
  • Statement Guide Deck: 6 total cards.
  • Animal List Deck: 6 total cards.

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