Enviro DIY

  1. Download Enviro DIY Files
  2. Print out the board parts on Cardstock paper (8.5in x 11in).
    [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Note: When printing the board, be sure to select Poster under Page Sizing & Handling, similar to the image below.[/highlight]
  3. Assemble the board as shown in the original file.
  4. Print out all cards on Cardstock paper (8.5in x 11in). Printing back to back (double sided) is optional but advised.
    [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Note: File name dictates how many times to print..[/highlight]
  5. Cut out cards.
  6. If fronts and backs of cards are printed separately, glue backs to corresponding cards. (Ex: Paste an image that says Enviro back to back (double sided) with an image that says Box Stores).
  7. There is one deck.
    • Development Deck: 46 total cards.
      • Box Stores
      • Mall
      • Mom & Pop
      • Museum
      • Theater
      • Factory
      • Technology R & D
      • Health Care
      • Mining Operation
      • Oil Refinery
      • Wind Farm
      • Natural Gas Refinery
      • Solar Array
      • University
      • Highway System
      • Coal Based Power
      • Public Transport
      • Oil Based Power
      • Natural Gas Power
      • Wind Power System
      • Solar Power System
      • Hydroelectric Power System
      • Educational Services
      • Civil Services
      • Urban Apartment Building
      • Suburbs
      • Urban Brownstone Neighborhood
      • Rural Housing
      • Large Grain Production
      • Large Poultry Production
      • Large Produce Production
      • Large Cattle Production
      • Organic Grain Farm
      • Organic Chicken Farm
      • Organic Produce Farm
      • Organic Cattle Farm
      • Small Grain Farm
      • Small Chicken Farm
      • Small Produce Farm
      • Small Dairy Farm
      • Waste Treatment
      • Landfill
      • Water Treatment
      • Recycling Center
      • Public Park
      • Nature Preserver
  8. Use 6 different colored pawns and either 6-sided or 8- sided (depending on number of players).

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