Bond Raiders DIY

  1. Download BondRaiders DIY Files
  2. Print out all cards on Cardstock paper (8.5in x 11in). Printing back to back (double sided) is optional but advised.
    [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Note: File name dictates how many times to print.[/highlight]
  3. Cut cards out.
  4. If fronts and backs of cards are printed separately, glue backs to corresponding cards that belong to that deck. (Ex: Paste an image that says Bond raiders back to back (double sided) with an image that says Carbon).
  5. There are two decks.
    • Atom & Bond Deck: 192 total cards.
      1. Carbon: 40 total cards
      2. Single Bond: 60 total cards
      3. Double Bond: 20 total cards
      4. Triple bond: 8 total cards
      5. Hydrogen: 16 total cards
      6. Oxygen: 32 total cards
      7. Nitrogen: 16 total cards
    • Functional Group Deck: 4 total cards.

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