G-FMS Curriculum Development Journal – August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

Focusing on the development of elements for the latest iterations of I’ve Got A Theory and Graphing Go, while I worked in the studio focusing on producing four short audio overview pieces for the games I’ve Got a Theory, Operation Dominoes, Argyle: the Number Line Game, and Double Cross (the rounding game). The audio pieces feature all of our voices, and once completed were handed off to Waleska to put together montages over them. Her title and credit sequences are complete and can now easily be plugged in to these montages.

Video introduction for the Game descriptions

Rocio spent much of the afternoon focusing on a simplified periodic table module for I’ve Got A Theory, and is just about ready for a design team to help her implement the concept. This will primarily allow for the scientific method game to be applicable to ENV110, but I can see Professor Fernandez plugging it into his BIO 110 class since he was voicing concerns that the Biology students have no connection with chemistry.

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Operations Dominoes playtest with the Hive

Operations Dominoes playtest with the Hive

At the end of the day, we play-tested Operation Dominoes with Rocio, Elijah, and Amara trying their hand at the game. The first round, with 11 operations each took almost exactly an hour to play! In part this was due to everyone getting acquainted with the game, but I would suggest that they were hyper alert for a multipoint opportunity of connection where more than one equation could be built from the placing of a single tile. As had been proven by the previous night’s dice game, this was a competitive crowd, after all.

There was particular concern over the length of the game, I brought out a timer on my cellphone and the players (especially Rocio and Elijah) became very agitated. I was using an audible clicking timer in length settings of 30 seconds, and the game stopped being fun. My thought is that if this crowd of high achievers becomes anxious with a timer, how will the math-phobic student react?
I suggest that the number of operations be cut in half for the first round module. In looking for other dominoes set, I also discovered that they most often come in sets representing the numbers one through six! Hmmmm. Lots to consider here.


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