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George Kuh, AAC&U and NILOA have all identified as the 11th validated High Impact Practice:  ePortfolios.  For Kuh’s announcement of this, see:  “ePortfolios –The Eleventh High Impact Practice,” http://www.theijep.com/pdf/IJEP254.pdf [theijep.com]


The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has made the evidence-based decision to expand its set of ten high impact practices by one. The triangulation of the research from multiple sources has led to this decision, and the evidence in support of the efficacy of ePortfolios has been steadily, concertedly growing over the past decade.


The International Journal of ePorfolio, http://www.theijep.com/index.html [theijep.com] Peer reviewed journal offering a steady stream of research articles.


High Impact ePortfolio Practice:  Catalyst for Student, Faculty & Institutional Learning, Bret Eynon and Laura M. Gambino, (Sterling VA: Stylus Books, 2017) A research study conducted with the Connect to Learning project, a 24-campus community of practice led by LaGuardia Community College. https://styluspub.presswarehouse.com/browse/book/9781620365052/High-Impact%20ePortfolio%20Practice [styluspub.presswarehouse.com]


Using ePortfolio to Document and Deepen the Impact of HIPs on Learning Dispositions, Kuh, Gambino, Ludvik & O’Donnell, NILOA Occasional Paper #32

http://learningoutcomesassessment.org/occasionalpaperthirtytwo.html [learningoutcomesassessment.org]


Catalyst in Action:  Case Studies of High Impact ePortfolio Practice, Bret Eynon and Laura M. Gambino,  eds. (Sterling, VA:  Stylus Books, 2018)  A collection of 20 case studies from campuses ranging from Bronx Community College to Yale University, the University of S. Carolina, and Arizona State.

https://styluspub.presswarehouse.com/browse/book/9781620368671/Catalyst-in-Action [styluspub.presswarehouse.com]


“Closing the Loop: How We Better Serve Our Students through a Comprehensive Assessment Process,”  Metropolitan Universities Journal, Vol.24, No. 2, Fall 2013



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