2019 ePortfolio Contest Winners
1st Place:  Kerly Vargas Kerly Vargas first place winner. Kerly Vargas ePortfolio
2nd Place: Aynur Hakimi Aynur Hakimi photo ePortfolio of Aynur
3rd Place: Melody Coll MelodyColl Melody CollePort
4th Place: Nelsy Pina ePortfolio of Nelsy Pina
5th Place: Keysi Castillo Keysi Castillo Keysi Castillo ePort
2018 ePortfolio Contest Winners
1st Place: Jessica de los Santos Photo of Jessica screenshots of Jessica's ePortfolio
2nd Place: Thelma Butler Photo of Thelma. Screenshot of Thelma's ePortfolio.
3rd Place: Anacaona Marinez Photo of Anacoana. Screenshot of Anacoana's ePortfolio.
4th Place: Raul Rosario Photo of Raul. Screenshot of Rauls ePortfolio.
5th Place: Marcos Francisco Photo of Marcos. Screenshot of Marcos' eportfolio.
2017 ePortfolio Contest Winners
1st Place: Jennifer Jarrin 2017-Jarrin 2017-Jarrin
2nd Place: Vanessa Torres 2017-Torres 2017-Torres
3rd Place: Adalis Diaz 2017-Diaz 2017 Diaz
4th Place: Nasrin Sultana Sultana Sultana eport
5th Place: Alejandra Villa self potrait screenshot of eport
2016 ePortfolio Contest Winners
1st Place: 2016-antonio Noemi Antonio
2nd Place:
2016 Barretto Joan Christine A. Barretto
3rd Place: 2016-rodz Angelica Rodz
4th Place: 2016-jarrin Jennifer Jarrin
5th Place: 2016-ramirez Venus McGee Ramirez
2015 ePortfolio Contest Winners
2014 ePortfolio Contest Winners
1st Place: 2014-vassalo Maria Vassalo
2nd Place (tie): 2014-lowe Makea Lowe
2nd Place (tie): 2014-barretto Joan Christine Baretto
Honorable Mention: 2014-bas Ugurcan Bas
Honorable Mention: 2014-baldonado Miguelina Curiel Baldonado
Honorable Mention: 2014-stewart Eric Stewart
Honorable Mention: 014-ferrera Ashley Ferrera
Honorable Mention: 2014-arias Luis Arias
Honorable Mention: 2014-feliz Feliberto Feliz
Honorable Mention: 2014-ortiz Darlenne Ortiz

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